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Reducing Air Conditioning Coil Work

Supermarkets, with their intricate layouts, often find traditional air conditioning systems inadequate. The issue of humidity not only affects the efficiency of refrigeration but also impacts customer experiences and purchasing behaviors. The solution lies in innovative moisture control technologies, offering substantial benefits in energy efficiency and customer comfort

Revolutionizing Refrigeration Energy Management

The adoption of Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) equipped with advanced desiccant dehumidifiers marks a significant shift in energy-efficient supermarket design. These systems, now widespread with over 100,000 installations in commercial establishments (ref. AHRAE May 2008), effectively tackle humidity issues while optimizing energy consumption. By removing the latent load of outside air and sufficiently dehumidifying it, DOAS solutions eliminate the need for dehumidifying the entire recirculated air stream, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Maximizing Refrigeration Efficiency

A staggering 80% of refrigeration case energy consumption is attributed to the condition of the air surrounding the evaporator, with ambient moisture playing a crucial role. Even a modest reduction of 10% in store humidity can translate to significant energy savings, as demonstrated by studies (ref. ASHRAE handbook 2003 2.3 (fig 1)). Benefits include reduced energy input, minimized defrost cycles, and decreased product loss due to ice formation and condensation.

Efficient Reheat Strategies

Traditional practices like air reheat, once prevalent to counter overcooling, are now being phased out due to their inefficiency and environmental concerns. Supermarkets previously reliant on continuous electric reheat mechanisms are transitioning towards more sustainable solutions like desiccant dehumidification. By effectively addressing humidity control needs without the need for extensive reheat, these systems offer not only energy savings but also improved comfort for patrons.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Superior Performance

Desiccant dehumidification, particularly utilizing Seibu Giken DST’s FLEXISORB range, emerges as the go-to solution for supermarkets operating in humid climates. These systems boast high-efficiency dehumidification, condensation-free construction, and customizable features tailored to diverse supermarket designs. With advanced technologies like the D-MAX Adsorption Rotor, characterized by its efficient drying process and long service life, supermarkets can achieve unparalleled moisture control while adhering to Japanese quality standards.


In conclusion, the integration of moisture control solutions, particularly desiccant dehumidification, revolutionizes the operational dynamics of supermarkets. By prioritizing energy efficiency, comfort, and environmental responsibility, supermarkets can create optimal shopping environments while reducing operational costs and enhancing sustainability. With innovative technologies and strategic design considerations, the future of supermarket management is poised for unprecedented efficiency and excellence.


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