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In the confectionery industry, the quality of the finished product is paramount. Close control of air humidity during the various manufacturing processes is considered essential to maintaining high standards.

Chocolate Quality Preservation

Chocolate is susceptible to fat blooming and sugar blooming, common problems during manufacturing and storage. These issues can arise within hours of production or during storage if ambient air humidity exceeds 60%. To prevent this, dry air is utilized during cooling in tunnels, inhibiting condensation and maintaining hygiene levels.

Maintaining Quality in Sugar Coating

Ambient humidity control is crucial during sugar-coating processes. High humidity compromises product quality, leading to products sticking together. Dehumidification ensures consistent drying times and quality throughout the year, regardless of seasonal variations.

Advantages of Dehumidification in Cooling Tunnels

Dry air usage in cooling tunnels prevents condensation on products and inside the tunnel itself. This practice enhances hygiene levels, prevents product sticking, and maintains conveyor belt efficiency.

Improved Packaging Efficiency

Damp packaging materials can disrupt machinery and wrapping processes. Using dry air prevents products from sticking to machinery or wrappings, optimizing the packaging process.

Effective Sugar Storage

High humidity causes sugar to become sticky or dissolve, affecting its quality. Storing sugar in controlled ambient humidity environments, such as silos supplied with dry air, safeguards against these issues, ensuring product integrity.


In conclusion, implementing moisture control solutions is imperative in the confectionery industry to preserve product quality, prevent wastage, and optimize production processes. By utilizing industrial dehumidifiers and humidity management technology, manufacturers can uphold high standards and ensure customer satisfaction.


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