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Energy Saving with DST’s dehumidifiers

Efficient Solutions for Economy and Environment

Efficient Moisture Control Solutions

DST specializes in cutting-edge technologies for moisture control, including industrial dehumidifiers and climate management systems. Our focus on energy efficiency aligns with governmental targets and economic considerations, offering solutions that combat rising energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Key to our approach are programmable logic control (PLC) systems like models C2 and C4, which ensure precise humidity and climate control. Integrated with digital controllers or building management systems, our PLCs provide intuitive operation and proactive maintenance, adjusting unit capacity dynamically for optimal performance.

Key features of our PLC systems include:

  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Synchronization of essential components for optimized performance
  • Monitoring of protection devices, triggering alarms, and managing system trips for proactive maintenance
  • Dynamic adjustment of unit capacity for precise control over humidity levels, temperature, or airflow.

DST leads in energy-efficient dehumidifiers, utilizing silica gel and zeolite rotor technologies. Collaborations with renowned institutions ensure innovation and quality assurance, meeting regulatory standards and environmental certifications across industries like automotive, pharmaceuticals, and food production.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to advanced control systems and absolute humidity calculators, empowering clients to achieve their environmental goals without sacrificing performance. Join DST in embracing the latest technologies for a greener, more efficient future.

One supplier

DST provides comprehensive systems for controlling both humidity and temperature, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple installations. Everything is optimized and supplied by a single supplier.

PLC Type C2 for Industrial Dehumidifiers (RZ, CZ, RF)

Our entry-level PLC, Type C2, comes standard with all industrial dehumidifiers. Featuring a user-friendly keypad and a two-row backlit LCD screen, it offers easy access to menu options and displays important messages. When paired with one of our humidity controllers (EH3 T2 & EH4) or an external controller (BMS), it allows fine-tuning of the dehumidifier’s drying capacity to maintain the required set point accurately.

PLC C4: Control Humidity and Temperature Online and On-Site

The PLC C4 boasts a user-friendly touchscreen for easy operation. Users can oversee and manage both humidity and temperature control processes, set regulator values, and view process data. It facilitates internet-based management, allowing start-up, control, function viewing, and dehumidifier start/stop remotely. Additionally, the C4 offers expansion possibilities and is factory-tested for reliability.

  • For Advanced RZ, CZ, or Flexisorb Unit Control
  • Graphic touch display, 5.7”
  • Communication via Modbus TCP/IP or remote access* through Ethernet.
  • Cost-effective online process control.

Humidity Control with Electronic Humidistat and Regulator EH3 T2 and Humidistat EH4 EH3 T2, Electronic Humidistat and Regulator

EH3 T2, Electronic humidistat and regulator

  • Relative humidity (RH) in %
  • Absolute humidity in g/kg
  • Dewpoint °Cdp
  • Temperature °C / K / °F
  • PI Regulator for humidity or temperature
  • Two-step humidistat
  • Two independent potential free closing contacts

EH4, electronic humidistat

  • Two-step humidistat
  • Sensor with quick response
  • Two independent potential free closing contacts
  • %RH display with two dioids indicates e.g. too high RH

Energy Saving with EH4, EH3 T2, and PLC C2

Preventing Condensation and Corrosion using EH3 T2

A temperature sensor attached to the coldest surface is paired with a room humidity sensor. Our EH3 T2 simultaneously monitors the surface temperature, relative humidity, and dew point of the room air. Our humidity controller EH3 T2 accurately adjusts the drying capacity to maintain the required RH set point. Should the air dew point exceed the monitored surface temperature, EH3 T2 will automatically override the RH set point, increasing its control output to the dehumidifier. EH3 T2 regulates the drying capacity to control both RH and dew point while ensuring the least possible energy is consumed.

Humidity and temperature control with C4

Integrating output temperature control in the dehumidification process makes it possible to reduce the total energy consumption thanks to the interaction of humidity and temperature parameters. Cooling and heating coils are built into the dehumidifier. DST is able to offer both DX cooling and coils for chilled water. Heating can be done with either hot water, electricity, or steam heating.


Modbus communication via TCP/IP or RTU provides actual temperature and humidity values, start/stop control, alarm readouts, and operation indicators.

Remote access

PLC C4 can be mirrored locally on one or more computers via a network connection.

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