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On, cookies are used. Cookies are a small text file that is automatically created in the browser and stored on your computer. A cookie makes it possible
to follow how you use the website and it is done to enhance your user experience. The cookie also allows the website to see where you are located, for example, to
recommend the closest representative to you. uses firstly, session cookies, which means that the cookie is stored in your computer’s primary memory and only applies until the browser is turned
off. The cookie is thus used for individual http session and not for storing your information between the sessions, but it identifies your current visit. Secondly,
cookies are also used on the visitor’s computer for a limited time. They are related to WordPress admin and are not used to affect visitors. Then cookies are also
approved by the visitor to enhance the user experience.

If you do not want to accept cookies, you can choose to turn them off in your browser’s security settings. You can still use the site if you turn off cookies.


Google Analytics

To get an understanding of how visitors use, Google Analytics is being used. Google Analytics is Google’s analytics tool that helps
understand how visitors use the website. The analysis tool uses different types of cookies to collect information and usage statistics for web pages without
personally identifying individual visitors. These cookies are automatically saved on the visitor’s computer between sessions and are standard with
Google Analytics. Here you can read more about Google Analytics cookies and privacy.


Privacy Policy

Do you regularly receive email from Seibu Giken DST AB? In such cases, your contact details have been registered with us in connection with fairs, requests,
personal visits or your personal information has been retrieved from other sources due to your professional role. We have then estimated that you may be
interested in our products and news. These sources may be from your employer’s website, search engines for purchase of data records.


The information we saved and how they are used

We have saved your name, company name, company address and your e-mail address. To your e-mail address we will make 5-7 copies per year. They contain
facts about moisture, product news, information sheets and information about fairs or similar. Your data will be saved until you have announced that you wish to
be removed from our contact register, you can do it at any time. We never sell your contact information.


Personal data

Do you want access to the information available about you at our site? Contact us at or phone: +46 (0)8-44 57 724. If you have any information
you want to be corrected or you want to be removed, please contact us.

Instead of receiving our newsletter, please contact us and we will add you to our register!

If you are not satisfied with how we process your personal information, you can always contact the Swedish Supervisory Authority.