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Atmospheric pressure: mbar                                            
Tip: If it is possible to use return air for regeneration with less moisture content than ambient air it will result in better performance.
Legend:       Wet air                      
m3/h * °C       Total cooling power: kWR    
Position g/kg                           Water: °C in °C out l/s    
* at density 1,2 kg/m3                                
Return Air  
    Use this cooler      


  1. Choose dehumidifier above.
  2. Fill in all white boxes.
  3. If cooling is used, fill in the temperature in the grey boxes and mark the appropriate checkboxes.
  Dehumidifier capacity: kg/h    
Ambient Air                
    Tip:  Pre-cooling is preferable compared to post-cooling as it will result in a better performance, even if it's not condensating.    
            Regeneration air  
    kg/h cond.              
  Use this cooler             Use this cooler        
  rectangle       rectangle   Use this cooler       rectangle            
Ambient Air      
Process air     Dry air                
        kWR kWR       kWR            
        kg/h cond. kg/h cond.                    
Change ambient/return air ratio                    
                                  Use this cooler      
Return air
  Room capacity:   kg/h to cover moisture load inside room               Supply air
      (difference SA and RA)   kW cooling to cover heat load inside room     kWR            
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